San Jose City Council
Unanimously Votes to
Fly LGBT Flags Outside of
New Chick-fil-A Location
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Christian NewsMagazine brings the Christian perspective with a
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"News From a Christian Perspective"
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Christian NewsMagazine is looking for local and world news, articles, columns and
stories on culture, opinions, missions, youth, seniors and other relevant topics.
As God's people, we must be very clear about who we are and why we are in this world. Our
duty and responsibility as redeemed human beings is to represent the Person and interests of God on
the earth - that is to say, this WORLD.

For Christians the news will always be related, or should always be related to the will and purpose
of God; who is active and present in the everyday affairs of the people of the world - both in the just and
the unjust. He controls, dominates, affects and is involved in the everyday management of our
existence, while at the same time allowing human beings to exercise the freedom to make their own
decisions. For a lesser Being, this would be very difficult indeed, but not for Him. He is working a plan
that is meant to succeed and succeed it shall; that is absolute!

So we are to KNOW HIM! We are to represent HIM! We are to explain HIM! We are to give
testimony and be first hand witnesses of His love, and His fearful power in our own lives, and in the
WORLD He has made for us to all live in.

If you are one of these people, please contact us and give us your news, stories, articles,
columns, and support.