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As God's people, we must be very clear about who we are and why we are in this
world. Our duty and responsibility as redeemed human beings is to represent the Person
and interests of God on the earth - that is to say, this WORLD.

Although all of us are imperfect, we still represent a perfect God; One who knows who
He is, what He is doing and where He is going; and He has chosen to take us along with
Him, both now, and for eternity if we are willing to commit to His RULERSHIP and

How does God operate in this current world situation where SIN has changed
everything for the worst. The first priority I think is to establish WHO GOD REALLY IS and
what He wants from us mortals. For those who overemphasise the Love of God, we must
explain the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children God has killed or has had
someone else brutally kill for Him. For those who deemphasise the Love of God, we must
explain the unbelievable grace and mercy, kindness and compassion for all of us who are
undeserving of such mercy. One part of the answer lies in the true balance between
loving the things God loves, and hating the things He hates.  

For Christians the news will always be related, or should always be related to the will
and purpose of God; who is active and present in the everyday affairs of the people of the
world - both in the just and the unjust. He controls, dominates, affects and is involved in
the everyday management of our existence. While at the same time allowing for human
beings to exercise the freedom to make their own decisions. For a lessor Being, this would
be very difficult indeed, but not for Him. He is working a plan that is meant to succeed and
succeed it shall; that is absolute!

So we are to KNOW HIM! We are to represent HIM! We are to explain HIM! We are
to give testimony and be first hand witnesses of His love, and His fearful power in our own
lives, and in the WORLD He has made for us to all live in.

If you are one of these people, please contact us and give us your news, stories,
articles, columns, and support.

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